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Bisbee - Profile

Courtesy of the AZ Dept of Commerce

Bisbee Main
Bisbee Attractions
Bisbee Chamber of Commerce

Principal Economic Activities
During the 1980's, the city succeeded in diversifying its economy to include government, tourism and light manufacturing. The Phelps Dodge Corporation is conducting tests for future development of copper, which has been the major economic factor in Bisbee's overall development. Major employment in the area is from city, state and county government, the military facility at Ft. Huachuca, and tourism. "Historic Bisbee" is a registered National Historic District and an Arizona Main Street Community. The city also offers attractive retirement opportunities.

Bisbee is in an excellent location to serve twin plant manufacturing operations in Naco and Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. Bisbee is four miles from the international border and serves as these cities' major transportation link with the United States.

Scenic Attractions
Bisbee resembles a European hamlet more than a dusty 1880's Old West town. Originally called the "Queen of the Copper Camps," Bisbee has a rich history which grew out of its humble beginnings as a mining camp turned boom town in the 1880's. Bisbee was rebuilt in 1908 after being destroyed by fire, and its homes and downtown area retain a Victorian charm. The old saloons, office buildings and other landmarks still stand. Bisbee today is rich in architecture and culture with its numerous art galleries, antique stores, gourmet restaurants, craft shops, museums, and period bed and breakfasts and hotels. The Queen Mine Tour annually attracts thousands of visitors who ride down into the old mining tunnels in a string of mining cars.

Community Facilities
The City of Bisbee offers community and cultural facilities including two libraries, 16 art galleries, 10 antique stores, 20 restaurants (gourmet to fine dining), 3 museums, 7 parks, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a golf course and many baseball, football, basketball and Little League facilities. Cultural activities include musical events from street dances to a professional classical music series, a major national poetry festival, several art openings each month, a fiber arts festival, performances by several local theater groups, and a nationally recognized annual weekend bicycle race.

Bisbee has one daily and two weekly newspapers, receives several area radio stations, and many television channels via cable.

Bisbee has one public elementary school, one junior high school and one high school. The student enrollment is approximately 1,400. Cochise College, a two-year community college, has campuses in Sierra Vista (28 miles away) and Douglas (18 miles away). Cochise College also offers extension courses from Northern Arizona University and Western International University. The University of Arizona's newest campus is in Sierra Vista.

The community of Bisbee has one hospital with 49 beds, 28 acute care and 21 long term. The medical staff includes 29 physicians (eight full-time, 21 consultants), five dentists, one chiropractor, two optometrists, an osteopath, a podiatrist, and two consulting orthopedists.

Bisbee is served by Bank of America with two offices and First Interstate Bank with one office. Cochise County businesses are eligible for assistance in financing fixed assets through the Strategic Finance Division of the Arizona Department of Commerce. Information on private activity bonds within the City of Bisbee may be obtained from the Cochise County Industrial Development Authority, c/o Peggy O'Sullivan, Executive Secretary, P.O. Drawer 255, Bisbee, AZ 85603.

The city is governed by a mayor, six council members and a city manager. It also has a police department, a sheriff's department and a full-time fire department.

Bisbee Municipal Airport has a modern terminal with three runways: a 5,990 foot paved runway and a taxiway with pilot activated runway lights and beacon; and two unpaved runways, one 2,000 foot and one 3,800 foot. Bisbee-Douglas International Airport (three miles from the U.S.-Mexico border) is 17 miles east and has four lighted 7,500 foot paved runways.

Industrial Properties
Several properties are available with all utilities including the Bisbee Airport Industrial Park. The are also several commercial properties suitable for light industry. One industrial park, located in Naco, Sonora, Mexico, operates on the "twin plant" concept which allows U.S. companies to operate in Mexico.


Electricity Arizona Public Service (520) 432-2281
Natural Gas Southwest Gas Corporation (800) 675-2860
Telephone QWest (520) 670-2400
Water Arizona Water Company 432-5321
Sewer Municipal 432-5446

Lodging and Meeting Facilities.
Bisbee offers three motels, three hotels, 14 bed and breakfasts, and four RV parks. There are numerous meeting facilities and seating for up to 990 in the school auditorium. There are also four campgrounds.

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